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So now you have a blog set up and you are ready to write and get some exposure online. What is next?

Well once you have a well written original article the next step would be to submit to article directories all over the web. This will give you the maximum exposure and help you build hundreds of links back your website or blog.

You can submit your articles to them manually or through a variety of directory submitting services.

Sarticle submitterome of these will you require you do some of the work such as use software on your computer like SubmitEaze With this software you choose the next directory on the list and then choose keywords and categories and click submit. You will have to enter the captcha codes but it is still much better than hand submitting.

I use SpinRewriter and SpinDistribute. I like them beacuse they are web based so I can work from any computer and they help you spin the articles, which means to create various unique versions of them to prevent duplicate content, and then distribute your article around the web over a 10 day period.wealthtoolbelt content spinning

Following you will see two lists. OneĀ  (the first) lists directories by Alexa Rank which means these get the most traffic. The second lists by Google page rank which means the links are of high quality and Google will give you better rankings for having them. Building links by submitting articles is a slow steady process. You will not get tons of traffic tomorrow but the great thing about your articles being in article directories is that they stay there for a long time.

URL Alexa
1. ehow.com 120
2. squidoo.com 173
3. ezinearticles.com 374
4. hubpages.com 421
5. examiner.com 582
6. seekingalpha.com 1,308
7. technorati.com 1,642
8. articlesbase.com 1,864
9. buzzle.com 2,180
10. apsense.com/article/start 2,402
11. goarticles.com 3,001
12. gather.com 3,361
13. suite101.com 4,071
14. selfgrowth.com 5,179
15. ideamarketers.com 5,773
16. sooperarticles.com 5,954
17. articlesnatch.com 6,024
18. helium.com 6,103
19. brighthub.com 6,929
20. amazines.com 7,004

The list below is rated by Google Page Rank.

1. examiner.com 8
2. technorati.com 8
3. ehow.com 7
4. squidoo.com 7
5. seekingalpha.com 7
6. thefreelibrary.com 7
7. magportal.com 7
8. ezinearticles.com 6
9. hubpages.com 6
10. articlesbase.com 6
11. buzzle.com 6
12. gather.com 6
13. suite101.com 6
14. selfgrowth.com 6
15. brighthub.com 6
16. web-source.net 6
17. letsbefamous.com 6
18. read-books-online.info 6
19. poponlineblog.info 6
20. qondio.com 6
21. articlebase.com 6

The more quality articles you can have on these directories the more credibility and traffic you will build up over time. imagine if you write 20 articles over a month or two and the create multiple versions of those by spinning them and THEN have them all over the web. You will have hundreds of websites with your content all linking back to your website.

Some of these you will get listed on with software and services but some may require you to submit manually. If they are high on either one of these lists it is well worth it to take the time to get your content listed.

As always you only submit YOUR ORIGINAL content to the directories. Of course you can spin your content as many times as you want. SpinDistribute which is part of SpinRewriter will spin as they distribute if you choose that option.

Good Luck and get your content out there!

Chris Paulus

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