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So you have seen the importance of a great Blog and how it can generate buzz but how do you make money with your Blog?

Your Blog has to to be generating traffic first so lets cover some strategies to get more traffic to your Blog and then what to do with the traffic comes next.

You can generate traffic in two main ways. There are some others that can help but most fall under two categories.

1. You can advertise your Blog.  This way works well and you can use pay per click or par per impression ads on Google or in many other places online. You goal is to attract regular readers that are interested in your main theme so if your blog is about home business then you will need ads that attract people that want to start a home business. This can be done in Google but also can be done in a variety of E zines and even with ads on Home Business websites that get a lot of traffic.

If you have the budget this would be the fastest way to get traffic however you can sink a lot of money into online advertising with little or no return so make sure you can track the ads you run and always work on building your list of leads by having your visitors sign up for a newsletter or give them a free report or something of value to get them to join your mailing list. It is vital that you build your list. VITAL! No matter how you get people to your Blog your goal should bet that even if they do not join your opportunity or buy from you today that you can send them a promotion later. Having a good auto responder will send them messages automatically for you so you do not have to do everything manually. I use Aweber.

2. You can Build Links and your ranking in Google. This technique will build long term traffic that is free. Now I say free in the fact that you are not paying for clicks or impressions but it will take work and dedication. You can see the tools I use on a daily basis to build links and capture leads on my Marketing Tools page.

This is the path I have chosen. I do some ads as I can afford to and test as I go but building long term traffic by using great content and then having that content re-purposed around the web and linking back to your site is invaluable. I also build links from other social sites as well as any site related to my theme which is marketing online geared toward MLM.

You can build links also by posting replies to other blog posts that are related to your field. Be careful to post relevant replies and add value. Do not just post “hey great post”. This will hurt your reputation. Why would you worry about your reputation online? Because wouldn’t it be nice to have a large group of people that respect your opinions and advice enough that when you suggest a product or service to them they rush to buy it? Build your list and build a relationship with those on your list.

If you have a new site like this one you can boost your credibility and authority by writing some articles for site that already have great rankings like EzineArticles.com. Here is an example: If you search on Google for “MLM Insider Secrets” you will see an article I wrote for ezinearticles. It is listed as MLM Insider Secrets – Working to Get Out of Debt I wrote this article as a total newbie and it is on page one because I posted it on ezinearticles.com, they helped me rank and it is free to submit articles to them. Be sure that you write original content for them, they will reject spun content.

OK So now you are building traffic and how do you make money?

The best advice I can give is to put your readers first. What are they looking for? Help them find what they need and even if they do not join your primary opportunity you can have them pay you. This is called a funded proposal. You see I am looking for people to join my primary Network Marketing  company but I also realize that most people that I reach will not join. Some will but most will not. So how do I make money?

One thing that all Network Marketer need is leads so I offer some solutions to help them get leads for their current business. At some point in the future they may decide to join my opportunity which is Empower Network but even if they never do, I can help them find what they need and earn a commission on it as well. I offer MLSP because it is a great leads system and they can try it out for just $2. Getting the point here? Do not try to force your deal on people, instead help them get what they need and they may just want to join you at some point.

Another great tool to help you make money from your Blog is to take the training below from the industry leader in free traffic to your Blog, Rob Fore. Take a video peek below.

Watch this Video for more information on making money from your Blog Posts

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