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The website you are reading now is a Blog. A Blog is simply a website that is easier to update for the owner and allows for readers to interact by posting replies and/or questions. Whether you are a consultant, adviser or an expert in your field, Blogging by using great content will help you get recognized and respected online. Yes Blogging can help promote yourself. What will your customers think? Well aren’t your customers really buying you? I’m sure that whatever service or product you offer your customers can get it somewhere else but they buy from you. They may just like you or maybe they respect your opinion enough to trust your judgement. Isn’t that our ultimate goal?

 Blogging for Self Promotion

The more you Blog, and the more you try to actually help those that read your posts, the more successful you will be. This is really the key. Actual relevant help for your readers. If you are providing quality original content then Google will rank you higher for your niche and you will get more traffic. We all know traffic equals readers and readers buy from people they trust. They buy from those that have valuable information and are experts in their field.

So if you want to be the respected expert in your field you have to keep learning and keep providing value to your readers. Your site may be designed to sell a product or just let people get to know you. Either way be personal and have genuine empathy for your readers and what they are looking for. Blogging is such an easy way to stay in touch and update your readers as you learn yourself. Are you in the internet marketing niche? then show your readers what works for you and things you tried that did not work. Do you sell insurance? Then let your readers know that you will help them find what is best for them and their families and NOT the policy that your company wants you to push.

You can monetize your Blog as you go by adding affiliate products that you are confident enough in to recommend to your readers. You can get a great Blog to get started that is already set up and ready to go from Empower Network.


Have fun and Great Blogging!

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