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My Name is Chris Paulus

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I am a student of Internet Marketing and am learning from my Mentor Rob Fore

I’m here to learn and help others learn. If I can do anything for you please let me know.

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My Journey History

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My Steps and Progress.

  1. Joined Empower Network – Late October 2012
  2. Connected with my Mentor who is an expert online marketer using Article Marketing only to build 6 figure incomes in multiple network marketing and affiliate companies online. – Late October 2012
  3. Started Blogging on my Empower Network site although I had no idea what I was doing. – Late October 2012
  4. Started learning the techniques and tools my mentor uses to generate traffic and leads without spending money on advertising. – Beginning November 2012
  5. Joined MLSP to use as training for myself as well as the Industry’s Leading Sales Funnel website and to offer other Network Marketers. – Early November 2012
  6. Created this blog for my own personal branding and lifelong marketing vehicle. – Early November 2012
  7. Started with no traffic obviously and as of November 18th I have 165 unique visitors to my Wealthtoolbelt website and 117 unique visitors to my Empower network site. 16 Total Leads – None in “warm market”.
  8. As of November 19th I have 851 web pages on Google that refer to A website that did not exist until I started it last month. 7 keyword phrases on the front page of Google and Yahoo. Ranked #1 on Yahoo for 2 phrases. My articles Ranked #1 on Google for “Article Marketing to Benefit Your Page Ranking” and “MLM Insider Secrets”.( Also ranked #1 and #4 on Google for “wow prospecting for mlm” keyword phrase.
  9. Alexa Ranking started at 16.8 Million as of Nov 23rd it is 7.9 Million Ranking doubled
  10. Update as of Dec 1st – 272 Unique Visitors to my Empower Network site & 298 unique visitors to this website ( Rankings: #2 and #4 forMLM  Insider Secrets” #1 for Article Marketing to Benefit Your Page Ranking” #2 for “Recruiting for MLM – What Will You Do?”  #1 for “MLM Training – The Essential Key”, #1 Google for “wow prospecting for mlm” #3 for “Blog Posts – your key to long term traffic” #10 for “duplicating downline” and many more. Total Leads 26 Achieved Expert Author Status Not bad for someone who never bogged before last month. Google shows 504 sites that link to mine.
  11. Alexa Rank now climbed to top 4.6 million websites. Ranking Doubled – 400 million websites exist.
  12. Update April 15 2013. Have been moving and so spent very little time online. I am getting geared up again. After being offline awhile I see I am up to 494 Unique visitors to my Empower Network site and 2,156 Unique visitors to this site 6 Members in my downline after capturing 187 leads. Google shows this website has 9,310 links pointing to it. I am ranked #1 MLM Traffic Secrets and I have too many first page rankings to put here. I will keep you posted as I get cranked up and going again.


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