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 Empower Network Pay Plan Explained

empower network pay planThe Empower Network Pay Plan is actually a simple plan. You get paid 100% of the products and services of those you sponsor or of those coded to you. Let me explain: If someone, lets call him Joe, signs up and is actively paying for his Blog System then he will earn 100% of the payment for those who he sponsors in the Blog System in this manner. He will earn the commission on his First, Third, and Fifth personally sponsored person and will pass up his second, fourth, and sixth to his sponsor. After this he will only pass up every Fifth person.

Now hold on a minute you may say I have to pass up people? This is actually the BEST part. You see the Empower Network Pay Plan uses the power of leverage to increase your earnings faster. You have to pass up services but so does your down line. So using the example above, Joe sponsors his first rep Mary and he gets the 100% commission or $25 a month from Mary and when she sponsors her second, fourth and sixth reps, Joe gets paid his $25 a month for each. Now you see how fast income can build with the Empower Network Pay Plan.

It is really very exciting especially if you have been in pay plans that pay 5-15% of the sales. In many of these plans you will need to sponsor and sell quite a bit to just break even. With the Empower Network Pay Plan you break even after just ONE referral sale. Are you seeing the genius of the Empower Network Pay Plan yet?

So for just $25 a month you get a full featured Blog that is SEO optimized and monetized AND you get paid 100% commissions on those you refer to the system! Now there are other services available for you to sell that all work the same way and you can learn about them in detail after you sign up but this ONE service is worth getting started.

As a special bonus for anyone who joins my teams you will have access to the Empower Network University for free. This is where we post the tips and tricks we use daily. Oh and by the way, one of the top money earners in Empower Network, designed this website and allows us to see exactly what he does each month to earn $40,000 plus. You see you just have to find someone successful and o exactly what they do until you get the same results.

Watch the video below for a little more clarification as to how it works and how you can take advantage of the Empower Network Pay Plan to start earning the kind of money you deserve, and then get excited and get started today for just $25 by visiting my Empower Network signup page.

Chris Paulus

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