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Having a great lead sales funnel system set up is vital to building your list of prospects online. You can say goodbye to those face to face, arm twisting, MLM sales meetings and market your MLM opportunity completely online. The top income earners in most all network Marketing companies use the Internet to grow their business faster and bigger than any previous system ever could. So what is a sales funnel system and how does it help?

A sales funnel is a system of driving traffic to a web page or set of pages and capturing the interest of the visitor and through offering training or free tools, you get them to give you their email address as well as their name for future contact. Once you have this information then you can gradually build a relationship with them and help them to grow and as they do, they help your business grow. How do you help them grow? By offering tools and solutions for the problems they face. Most any small business owner needs leads, marketing knowledge, and maybe software. So at first they are leads, then they become prospects, and then maybe customers. They don’t have to become involved in your opportunity for you to make money from them.

This is the beauty of a great sales funnel. You can make money from them even if they never get involved with your primary business. Fact is, most people who come to your site will not join you. So by using a good sales funnel you can market other services to them that help them succeed and make a commission from each of these other products. A good sales funnel will send automated emails every so many days to peak their interest or show them a new tool you have found that helped you succeed.

I use three different sales funnels myself at this time but one is specific only to my primary business, Empower Network, so I will leave that one out in this post but you can contact me for details about that one if you join Empower Network.

The following two can be used with any MLM so I will review these two below.

MLSP Pro (My Lead System Pro) – In My opinion the Cadillac of Online Marketing sales and lead pages as well as training for MLM and online marketing. They have a $49.99 monthly membership as well as an upgrade for $99/month – the training and live Webinars are worth the price alone. With this system you get a ton of training and pre-made capture pages as well as those you can customize. The pages give the visitor free MLM training for just giving you their contact information so you can build your list. You also get paid $15 per month for referrals so with just a few referrals you are getting this system free. they are constantly adding new features so stay tuned.

MLM Rockstars – This service does not offer as much as MLSP but they do have a great simple setup that allows you to get started for free and upgrade when you get ready. Their pro service is $14.95 per month and affiliates get 50% for all referrals so you would get paid about $7.50 per month for all who upgrade. They have a great page layout for the basic capture pages and it is easy to use and customize with your picture and it even has a place for you to promote your primary company. In my opinion a great value for the money.

I use and promote both since they both have a great sales funnel and by offering both I can help those that cannot afford to get into MLSP right now. Try them both yourself and see what is best for you and your team.

Good Luck
Chris Paulus


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