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How do you build Back-links?backlinks link juicer review

We all know that back links are an essential part of driving traffic and getting your site noticed by Google and the world but how do you find the time?

Link Juicer is a service that I have been trying and to get a real feel for the actual value of the service I am using no other link building tools during this month of January. You can view my stats below to see the link building as it happens each day.

They claim to have over 62,000 social media accounts on 85 sites where they create random bookmarks and posts with links back to the pages you choose. With the free trial you get up to 50 links a day created for you that you can split between as many pages or sites as you like.

You can use any article spinning software you like, I use SpinRewriter, to generate unique versions of your articles to submit and they will distribute it for you. The monthly price is $47 and seems like a great value for not having to try to build manual links each day.  I suggest it since it builds links slowly and does not require much time on your part to set it up. Pick 5 pages or sites or blog posts and let it build 10 links a day to each one and see how it works for you. You get the first 30 days free and the links build up slowly so it looks natural to Google.

You can try it free for the first 30 days! Link Juicer

These are my results from Jan 1st to the 20th on Ahrefs.com. I am using Link Juicer Only at this time.

Chris Paulus


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