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Can MLSP work for you?leads sytsem

My Lead System Pro is a lead capture system. Should you be using it? What are the Pro’s and Con’s?

What MLSP will NOT do for you.

  1. MLSP is not a buy it and forget it system. You will have to work it.
  2. MLSP is not Free. The cost is $49 a month or upgrade to $99 a month.
  3. MLSP requires some setup.

What MLSP does for you!

MLSP provides capture pages – Capture pages are the pages that get the attention and capture the interest of the reader and prompt them to enter their name and email address. Once you have this you are building your list and your list will be the single most important tool you will ever have in online marketing. MLSP does this well since it offers on many of the capture pages a free training video from an industry leader. The lead gets free training even if they do not join your opportunity.

MLSP promotes multiple income streams – With MLSP your lead will be offered a variety of valuable tools they may like and the tools pay you a commission. In this way you earn from leads even if they never join your primary business. This is HUGE since the fact is that most of the leads you get in your MLM business will not join you. This system allows you to monetize the leads as much as possible.

MLSP provides Training for MLM Marketing – Over 200 training videos in many aspects of internet marketing and how top income earners are making their money. You get to look over their shoulder and see what they do and copy it. These are training videos from Experts who are working their business NOW, not something that worked 10 years ago.

MLSP pays you for referrals – You will get paid each month for all those you refer into MLSP so you have another source of income. My sponsor makes over $15,000 a month from these alone. What if you made $1,000 a month from people that didn’t even join your primary business?

Is MLSP worth the money? This is for you to decide. I use it and think it is a valuable tool. It generates leads for me each month. If you are new to network marketing or have not marketed a MLM ONLINE before, than I think it is worth the price JUST for the training. If you are experienced at MLM online marketing then the sales funnel and customized capture pages are tools you know you need.

You can try it for just $9.95 for two weeks here and see if it all I say it is.

Good Luck and Great Lead Farming!
Chris Paulus


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