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Why I Suggest MLSPmy lead system pro

My Lead System Pro has been called the number 1 lead funnel and training system for MLM. Is it right for you and your team?

In My opinion YES but why?

First you get a full host of lead funnel pages and you can even create your own. These lead funnel pages can send leads directly to your back room or to your Aweber account. These pages convert well because they offer solutions for those looking to market online. Your lead capture pages will provide training videos on topics such as marketing on Facebook or how to build your lead list and many more.

Second you get a funded proposal set up for you from the beginning. A funded proposal allows you to earn commissions for other training and/or products and services that fit the needs of your visitors. This is a very important since most people that visit your site or advertisement will not join your primary company but if you help them find solutions to what they need then you can get paid by them even if they never join your primary.

Third you get an unbelievable series of MLM training videos. These are not your generic, boring training presentations but they are examples of real people telling you what they do on a daily basis to become successful and how these things worked for them. It is like looking over the shoulder of successful marketers and learning first hand.

Fourth you can chose how many options you want. MLSP used to have a $49 membership and a $99 a month membership but now they have added a $19.99 membership that is perfect for beginners and gives you a more simplified start and you can upgrade as you like. A new higher end membership also gives you the right to sell some services at 100% commissions.

Fifth you earn a referral commission for everyone you refer to MLSP each and every month. This is not a another MLM opportunity but a simple referral program so it never conflicts with your primary company. You earn approximately 30% of all the fee’s of your referrals so you can build up a great side income even if your prospects never join your primary company.

You can try MLSP for just $2 for 3 days and see if it is right for you and your team.
Chris Paulus

Contact me with your success stories and how you liked MLSP!

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