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What can an online marketing blog do for you?

Should you have a blog? Will it help with your marketing and branding online?
The answer is a resounding YES, but only if you use it correctly.

First just what is a blog? A blog is basically a website that allows you and your visitors to post new information quickly and easily. Depending on the design (or theme) you choose the blog may show the whole post right away or it may show headlines and even the first few sentences so you can see if that post appeals to you to read further. It is basically an easy way to have online conversations. The best blogs provide very relevant information to the readers they have. Your blog could be about about anything you are interested in. If you like the subject there are bound to be other that also do.

Your purpose for having the Blog would be to bring people together that are interested in the same subjects. To encourage people to give their opinions and comments, and if possible to even make a little money doing it. Some make large incomes from their Blogs but these are the few that have mastered the art of providing great content and then monetizing that content so that they fill the needs of their readers and make sales.

Notice I said fill the need. If you want your online marketing blog to be successful you will need to help fill the needs and wants of the readers. If you just post what you like or simply fill the page with advertisements, your readers will move on.

 Use an online marketing blog to improve your rankings on Google

Since Google (and other search engines) LOVE new fresh content, your ranking will improve as you write. For example if you are a fitness trainer, your online marketing blog could give people tips on eating right and staying in shape between the times that they come to see you. You could provide free  meal planners or exercise tips. The easiest way to improve your rankings is to choose a keyword or keyword phrase that is relevant from the Google keyword tool. Google will show you how many people a month search for your term. The wright articles based around that term. Original articles.

You will soon see your site rank higher on Google and become known as a leader in your field, an expert. People will buy more training as well as other items from an expert. Your online marketing blog starts to pay off.

Use an online marketing blog to keep relevant and fresh content on your site

Blogs are much easier to update and add posts than a regular website that needs HTML coding done so you will find it much easier to update and add posts. You can have a blog added to your site if you already have one or you can build your website on a blog platform. Godaddy has full featured WordPress Blog packages for great prices. You will be surprised how easy it is and you can get the hang of it in no time. Another blog that is already set up and monetized for you would be Empower Network. This is a Blog that is easy to use especially for the beginner and it pays you for referring others to it. For just $25 a month you can get started and your online marketing blog is up and running in minutes. I suggest you to use this one first and then as you become more advanced you can build your own.

In any case just get started and get your feet wet. Need ideas? Write about your primary business, online or brick and mortar, write about any subject that interests you like politics, cooking, hunting, fishing, jewelry making, and the list goes on and on. Since it takes a little while for your posts to get on Google and your rankings to improve I suggest you start right away.

Use an online marketing blog to promote your retail store

Your new blog and its great original content will also drive people to your local store. Filled with information about what you do and what you can offer them, customers will seek you out. Isn’t that better than any paid advertisement you can get? You can include location information, hours of operation, and even specials and coupons.

Use a Blog to its potential to get free traffic and visitors to your online or offline presence.

Chris Paulus
Monetized Blog waiting for you

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  1. Sara Conners says:


    I am a health coach that teaches people how to stay motivated to exercise and eat a diet to heal their body from chronic disease. I am interested in expanding my practice to double clients in the next 6 months. I am about to start my first blog and do not want to share my knowledge with others because that is what I am paid for. So, would you recommend that I share perhaps success stories and my experience in my blog?

    And, thanks for the encouraging website. It is helping me with my confidence of opening a blog online. ~ Sara

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