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Online Marketing is the hardest part of building a successful business online. Many people still believe that if they build a website then people will visit it but nothing could be further from the truth. Just like with offline businesses you will need to promote your site. There is no magic bullet, you will need to market and test what works best for you and your offer and budget but there are some simple to follow tips that can help.

Online Marketing Tips

First determine what your goals and budget will allow. I know your first inclination will be to say “Get as many customers as I can” but get more specific. Would you consider one new customer a day to be successful or would it take five? Traditionally you would need to adjust your goals to the budget you have but in online marketing you can substitute money in your budget with work. If you do not have a big budget for Google Adwords or Email Advertising you can start slower with content marketing and building quality links to your site. Of course the most important thing you will need once your website or Blog is ready is Traffic. Without Traffic nothing on your site will matter and no one will see what you have built and more importantly you will make nothing.

Google Analytics is essential to your online marketing success. How do you get where you are going without directions? With Google Analytics you will be able to see what traffic you are getting and where they came from as well as what keywords they used to find you and what pages are the most popular. It is free and gives you a lot of great information so install it on your website or blog right away.

Since Google is the KING of traffic if you have a decent budget then you can start with Adwords. You can zero in on exactly who your target market is and reach them easily. You only pay with Google Adwords when you actually get a visitor so you are paying for traffic only. Be careful here since many new online marketers have wasted huge sums of money trying to pay for traffic only to realize they were not specific enough in their ads and attracted more lookers than customers. I would suggest that you set a small budget and test ads over and over to see which ones get you actual sales.

My favorite type of traffic is long term free traffic from Google. You see one of the disadvantages of Google Adwords is that when you stop the ads the traffic stops. So they are less work in the beginning but the results only last as long as you can keep paying for them. What if you could generate traffic for free that keeps working for you for years to come? That would be worth any amount of effort. The listings on the left side of any Google search are called generic search and these get the most traffic and cost nothing. Well they cost nothing in dollars but they cost in effort. you will need to use tools, experience, and time to get high rankings and rake in this traffic. The tools below can help you get started.

Online Marketing Tools

Fresh Content – Fresh Content is key to growing your rankings on Google and building up your online reputation. Your online marketing success is tied to this especially if you want free traffic from Google and others. You can update your website with content related to your niche or the easiest way is to have a Blog. Blogs make it easy to add great content anytime and they get indexed quickly. Whether you use a Blog or a regular website it is very important that you give people what they want which is information, and I mean valuable information, that is related to your subject. Never copy and paste content from other sites but instead write your own.

Social Media can get you discovered and make your traffic grow. Post to Facebook and twitter and get the word out about the services you offer. Keep in mind that helping other people find solutions will always work better than a sales pitch. I use SocialAdr because it allows me to post to many social websites at once and saves tons of time.

Build Backlinks – These are very important to your page rankings in Google also and will affect your online marketing success a great deal. How do you get more links to your site? There are so many ways I cant explain them all here BUT one simple one that you can do every day is to find Blogs that relate to your niche and post relevant comments. These Blogs will allow you post your comment and link back to your site. Please post relevant comments not just “good post” or the webmaster will not allow them.

Online Marketing Expectations

You will need to have patience in reaching for online marketing success. People visit and eventually buy from sites they like and sites that offer solutions and help to what they seek. If you are working with a small budget then focus on helping people within your industry find solutions and you will build a great reputation. You will not get to 30,000 visitors a month in a few weeks but when it happens you will have succeeded in building your online marketing success.

What I have chosen for my Online Marketing Success

The tool’s I use are listed for your consideration.

MLSP – MyLeadSystemPro – Lead generation and funnel system along with great education from top industry earners and you get paid for referrals. My sponsor makes over $10,000 a month in this one system.

Empower Network Monetized Blog – Complete ready to go blogging system that requires no knowledge at all. You can start blogging right away. You get 100% commission from referrals here.

Article ReWriter & Distributor – Write a great article and then spin it and distribute it all over the web to many directories and build links back to your site.


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