What is a Blog?

What is a Blog exactly?

what is a blog anyway

You are reading one right now! A Blog is basically an online diary. It can be about any subject and Blog entries are usually arranged with the most recent entry (or Post) listed first. Typically they are centered around a general topic but there are no hard and fast rules. Blog posts can be all from one single author or from many depending how the owner of the Blog has it set up. Blogs also typically have room at the end of each post to allow those that read the posts to comment about them.

What is a Blog good for?

A blog can be used for anything from just pronouncing your ideas and opinions to the world, to informing readers about the latest news stories to just about anything on any topic. If more than two people are interested in a subject there is probably a Blog about that subject. The great thing about Blogs is that they are easy to use and update and usually are updated very often so readers are attracted to them more since they get fresh content.

What is a Blog used for in business?

Well since people as well as Google love fresh updated content, Blogs can be used to promote just about any business. But they work best if the promotion is not blatant advertising.  The reason is that most people who search the web want one thing, information. Even if you plan to buy something you will probably want more information before you make a decision so if a business Blog offers helpful information about products and services and even lists the pros and cons of a product then the Blog builds trust and the advice is more generally followed. Better to inform on a Blog than to try to sell.  People turn their attention elsewhere when they are being sold but they pay attention when they are being informed.

What is a Blog Alexa Rank?

You may have heard of a Blog Alexa rank. This is the ranking that the most prestigious authority on traffic and web importance gives a website. The lower the number rank the better the ranking. Alexa.com ranks sites by many factors but traffic and relevance are the key elements. When a site has a good Alexa rank the site is worth more if sold and has the respect of the online community.

What is a Blog’s Value?

The more traffic and better Alexa rank a Blog has the more value it would have if being sold but the real value of a Blog is based on its readers. If a Blog is helping its readers then it is a valuable blog.

Should you have a Blog?

Yes and No! Yes if you enjoy writing and think others would be interested in your thoughts and articles, but no if you do not update it often. Blog readers expect new and fresh informative content. The subject can be anything that interests you and others as long as you keep adding new content.

You can also make money by owning a Blog either by running ads or promoting affiliate offers and networking with others. I own this one as well as an Empower Network Blog that pays me commissions on other peoples Blogs.

Good Luck and Great Blogging !Chris Paulus

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